A foreign corporation in command of the war against dragons. – Nodens Enterprise

The protagonists will be recruited by 'Nodens Enterprise', a foreign game corporation whose headquarters is located in Ariake, Tokyo and swept up in the war against dragons.

Nodens Company houses all the facilities crucial to progress the story.

Construct your base to have an advantage in the war against dragons!

By defeating dragons, you can earn Dz which you can use to expand your base.

Collect the necessary amount of Dz and fulfill a certain requirement to be able to create new facilities of develop new skills and items.

Development of new weapons and items.

Development of new skills.

Constructing evacuation wards.

Extending welfare facilities.

You will be able to construct a 'Cat Cafe' if you fulfill a certain set of requirements. By visiting the Cat Cafe, you can restore your battle-weary heart and body. You may come across cats that weren't able to escape the dungeons blooming with the poisonous Dragonsbane caused by the dragon attacks. If you find a cat, rescue it and take it home. If you rescue all the cats of the world, something good might happen.


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