Dragon - The massive dragons that oppose humankind

Dragons... the world's greatest mysteries, and its deadliest threats. Finish the fight across three different eras - present, past, and future!


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The first threat – High Dragon Spectus | The dragon that suddenly attacks the amusement facility built at Nodens Enterprises. To protect the terrified populace, the protagonists rise to challenge the High Dragon. Can they hope to match the might of this monster!?

A cunning foe of debilitation and suffering  – Aquatic High Dragon Mayhem| An aquatic High Dragon that has seized the forge of the lowest-class district in Atlantis, a land of the past. This land once was home to numerous villages and forges, but they now serve only as pieces of a dragon's nest. Join forces with new allies, and prevail against the enemy!

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Flower background

The saga of the war between humankind and dragons - True dragons are the origin of all other dragons. It is said that there exist seven True Dragons in the universe.

1st True Dragon: ??? | ???

2nd True Dragon: ??? | No details are known. However, it has been confirmed that it appeared as an illusion in Eden...

3rd True Dragon: Nyala | A True Dragon that arrived on Earth around 10,000 BC, and is said to have made first contact with humankind at the Sea Kingdom of Atlantis. When it appeared again in Tokyo in 2020 A.D., it confronted humankind and the Murakumo Unit 13, but was defeated. Its obsession with earthlings drove it to continue its assault, even after its initial loss. Around 5,000 years later, it appeared in Eden alongside the 6th True Dragon, Haze. However, it was once again defeated by the Huntsmen that stood against them.

4th True Dragon: ??? | ???

5th True Dragon: Fomalhaut | Intrigued by the planet that defeated Nyala, it visited Earth in 2021. A very curious yet cold-hearted dragon, it attacked Tokyo, but fell against the might of the Murakumo Unit 13 and humankind.

6th True Dragon: Haze | The youngest and most aggressive dragon. It has a taste for using weaponry, and favors direct physical attacks. Its body structure has been efficiently modified, seeming to defy all natural law. Answering Nyala’s call to arms, it came to Earth. However, it was defeated by humankind, and was sealed in the 'Dragonslayer', a sword created to kill Nyala.

7th True Dragon: VFD | It is said that this dragon has not yet been born. However...


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