Take on a variety of quests to protect the daily lives of the people

At the quest counter in the base, you can solve various troubles and worries that pop up within the Nodens Enterprises, along with requests from the refugees of dragon attacks. The twin sisters at the quest counter, Chika and Rika, will assign various quests for the protagonists to handle.

A selection of the various requests the protagonists will solve: A request befitting an entertainment company, Nodens needs your help in 'Bug Check Assistance'. / The Medical floor is facing a crisis with the lack of medicine and a surge in patients in 'Medicine Acquisition'. / A certain species of tropical fish has mysteriously disappeared from the fish tank? Investigate the cause in 'Finding A Tropical Fish!'

Rescue refugees - Each era is flooded with the miasma produced by the poisonous flower Dragonsbane, a byproduct of the dragon attacks. You can rescue people who were left behind in the dungeons during the mass outbreak of Dragonsbane, and take them back to the base. The more people you save, the more good may come to you...


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