Citizens of Space

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It's your first day as the newly appointed Ambassador of Earth! Ah, smell that? That's the smell of the slow-but-inexorable bureaucracy that keeps this galaxy running smoothly! Well, running, at least.

And now it's your chance to become a part of that bureaucracy, finally! As you step into the hallowed halls of the Galactic Federation Assembly and give your opening speech, something seems off...no it's not the smell of the Slorg ambassador, that's normal. When the video screen lowers so you can show off your homeworld to your gathered Ambassadors...you realize the Earth is missing!

As the Ambassador, you know it's your duty to save your beloved Earth! Plus, none of the other ambassadors seem to care much for a backwater planet they've never heard of. So begins your adventure to find the Earth and unite the galaxy's Citizens under your banner!

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  • Ambassador of Earth

    Ambassador of Earth

    As the newly appointed Ambassador of Earth, it's your job to represent the greatness of Earth and all its Citizens to the galaxy! Of course, as a well-trained bureaucrat you know it's your responsibility to delegate responsibilities to your loyal followers. On your journey through the galaxy you'll meet a wide variety of Citizens - Humans, robots, and aliens alike. Can you use your charisma to recruit them all to your cause?

  • Captain


    Clamp to the face!

    He's captained many a ship through the stars, working at various times for GalactiCo, FedUPs, and the Galactic Federation itself. His glory days are behind him now, though, but he makes ends meet running the Space Bus that connects the Galactic Federation to various member planets.

  • athlete


    Armed with her trusty bat, she can adopt new stances to change up how she plays the game!

    She's a galactic Spaceball superstar! Cybernetic prosthetics are allowed, even encouraged, in the high-stakes, hard-hitting game. She originally lost her leg playing competitive Kick the Can, but was banned due to her prosthetic. So, she switched over to Spaceball and has never looked back!

  • Time Cop

    Time Cop

    With time on his side, no one will see him coming! Utilize fast attacks and speed-based abilities to dispense justice!

  • Sheriff


    Multi-target projectiles are his specialty along with defense-boosting abilities.

    Back when he was just a deputy-bot, he routinely had to scour the dunes of the Moon in an effort to remove the rabble-rousing ne'er-do-wells. They didn't take too kindly to this, and many still cause trouble in the less civilized portions of the Moon.

  • Confectioner


    Sells wonderful items with a variety of unique effects from her Confectionery!

    She was built as a combat robot but decommissioned before she ever saw active service, which is why she's still equipped with body cannons and the ability to quickly swap her armaments. These days she only uses these devices for baking, but if you get on her bad side, her battle-hardened background might slip out!

  • Miner


    Summon him down to perform a special attack, smashing rocks into the enemies!

    Equipped with rock-crushing claw gauntlets that augment his natural digging prowess, he's a natural at tearing enemies to shreds. Or he would be if it wasn't for the fact that he's a strict pacifist. Of course, if a stray rock were to hit one of them pesky enemies, well... that's a different story!

  • Geneticist


    Equip her to a Battle Citizen to bolster their offensive prowess and unlock new melee-focused abilities.

    As any student of Earth's history will know, her people arrived on Earth due to a navigational error. They partnered with whom they thought was the leader of Earth in an attempt to generate enough happiness on Earth to power their ship to return home. Unfortunately, they were deceived and chaos erupted across the Earth. Luckily, a certain vice president of Earth stepped up to save the day!