Yuma with Sword

Yuma Ilvern

The Boy with the Dragon's Soul

The young man who possesses the soul of the legendary Shining Dragon within him.

With the immense power of the dragon sealed away, he lived a quiet life. However, the Empire found out about Yuma's power and captured him. He is rescued by Dragoneers, warriors who wield the power of the dragon, and under the protection of the Kingdom of Astoria, Yuma decides to lend his strength to defeat the Empire.

After being isolated from the outside world for so long, he is somewhat timid, and prefers to let others make decisions for him. However, through his life with his new friends, he may learn to grow as a person.

He wields a manifestation of the Shining Dragon's power, the Dragon Resonator Vandelhorn, and excels at dealing high damage. The sword acts as a conductor of the Dragon's power, allowing him to transform.

Shining Dragon

Dragon Unleashed

Shining Dragon

Yuma's other form.

He fears the power of the Shining Dragon, and is unable to bring out his full might. For all its strength, this body is a far cry from its once-glorious form.

Yuma can transform into a dragon at any point in battle. However, pushing his limits too hard may cause him to lose control, and go berserk.

The horn on his head resonates with the Armonics and their melody, guiding his power and bringing him closer to his former glory.

Mystery Jinas with Sword

Jinas Aion

The Lone Dragonslayer

A solitary swordsman who has near-godlike power, able to cut down dragons in one strike.

He is not affiliated with any faction in the war, and his motives remain shrouded in mystery. Due to his constant attacks on the Empire's dragons, he has become known as the Dragonslayer.

He seems to know more about the truth of the brewing conflict than Yuma, or even the Empire itself...

In battle he wields the divine katana Susano-o, and keeps his foe guessing with broad slashes at lightning speed.

Kingdom of Astoria
Sonia with Sword

Sonia Blanche

The Lightning Princess

The leader of the party, and crown princess of Astoria.

Despite her royal status, she fights on the front lines, leading her people against the Empire. Her swordsmanship is exceptional, and her quick thinking and swift swordplay have earned her the title of "Astoria's Lightning Princess."

The story begins with her rescuing Yuma from the Empire's prison.

There is an Armonic that has been passed down the royal bloodline, but she is currently unable to use it. Instead, she fights with her sword and shield: Nicaea and Aegis.

Kingdom of Welland

Kirika Towa Alma

The Diva of Nature

A "Diva Magica" who has inherited the Rune Songs: songs created to commune with dragons. She has some control over the forces of nature, and she can also sense nearby dragons.

Due to her upbringing as a Diva Magica, she is a little bit naïve. She isn't very good at communicating with people, and she may seem difficult to get close to, but deep down she has a kind heart.

She wields one of the legendary Armonics: Koto-no-Kagura, the Dragon Wing Bow. She can attack from afar with it, and she specializes in healing.

Kingdom of Welland
Rinna Mayfield

Rinna Mayfield

The Whirlwind Sylph

An elven mage hailing from the kingdom of Wellant, wielding one of the legendary Armonics: Trumrod, the Dragon Tail Cudgel. She has a sunny personality, and tends to be the playful heart of the party.

With a relaxed and affable personality, she may seem a bit ditzy, but in truth she is a cunning prankster. She goes at her own pace, but can be very courageous in tense situations.

As Kirika's attendant since childhood, she is one of the few people that Kirika can speak to frankly and openly. Possessing high potential as a Dragoneer, she provides magic support from the back lines.


The party's apparent mascot. He is a "spirit of sound," and Rinna's companion. He supplies the party with helpful advice, and aids them in their journey.

Kingdom of Welland
Lestin Serra Alma

Lestin Serra Alma

The Glacier Sentinel

Captain of the knights of the elven kingdom, Wellant. He is Kirika's older brother, and a Dragoneer who fights on the front lines with his nation's army.

He seems intent on judging whether Yuma is a threat to the world. By his own words, he will not hesitate to kill Yuma if he has to.

He and Agnum are old friends, despite their differences. He's usually calm and level-headed, but he's zealously overprotective of his sister.

In battle, he relies on ice magic and his Armonic, Fengflaut, the Dragon Fang Spear.

Kingdom of Welland
Agnum Bulletheart

Agnum Bulletheart

The Blazing Pyromaestro

Wielder of the Armonic Iglute, the Dragon Flame Staff. He is a passionate Dragoneer who controls explosive fire.

He is a musical mage who seizes any chance to take center stage on the battlefield. He's a seasoned world traveler, and despite his flashy appearance, he can be quite down-to-earth.

Though he comes off as reckless, his skill as a Dragoneer is remarkable—and despite being a mage, he has quite a knack for close-quarters combat.

Agnum Bulletheart
Kingdom of Lombardy Zest Graham

Zest Graham

The Empire's Knight of Destruction

The most dangerous man in the Empire.

He is a berserker who takes an insane glee in fighting foes stronger than him, but finds no fun in fighting the weak. Volatile and unpredictable, he tends to act as he pleases—even if it means defying the Church he serves. He's one of Beowulf's most capable warriors, but even Georg has trouble controlling him.

Ordinarily, he fights with his powers limited. However, through a unique ability granted to him by the Church, he can unleash his power into his own heart to elevate himself to full strength.

He fights with his twin gunblades, Amphisbaena. Can Yuma and the Dragoneers stand against Zest's raw power?

Kingdom of Lombardy Excella Noa Aura

Excella Noa Aura

The Dragon Princess of the Holy Dirge

Imperial Princess of the Empire, and an Armonic wielder herself. She is both a Diva Magica and Dragoneer, and using both of her abilities, she commands the beings known as the Dracomachina: ancient living weapons in dragon form. The three that swore loyalty to her are called the Three Spears.

As the commander of the Imperial Army, she joins forces with the knight unit Beowulf to capture Yuma and obtain the Shining Dragon's power. However, her encounter with Yuma irreversibly changes her life...

She wields the woodwind-like lance, Gravinet, the Dragon Roar Magic Flute. With it she uses gravity magic to keep foes at an optimal distance.

Kingdom of Lombardy Beatrice Irma

Beatrice Irma

Emissary of the Shadows

A dark elf ninja who shadows the Imperial Princess.

An agent of Beowulf, she is tasked with espionage and assassinations. She is a skilled warrior, and has ended many lives with a cold smile.

In childhood, she was friends with Kirika and Rinna. However, her ancestry as a dark elf meant she was often treated with discrimination and cruelty, and those circumstances drove them apart.

Even when she confronts them as their enemy, she still seems haunted by her past.

She sows chaos and confusion in her enemies with her weapon, the Cymbarings, and dark ninjitsu arts.

Kingdom of Lombardy Georg Zalbard

Georg Zalbard

The Black Wolf

Captain of Beowulf, Knights of the Sanguine Church—a special unit that serves the Empire. He is the leader of this elite squad, and is feared as the loyal "hound" of the Church. He is greatly respected in the Empire for his ability to unite and command even the more eccentric individuals of the Church. Led by the Imperial Princess, he commands his men on the front lines.

With all his knowledge of Deus, and the sheer power at his command, some say he represents the true dark side of the Church. He is calculating, ruthless, and willing to sacrifice anything to see his goals achieved.

He wields the mighty sword Ascalon, and is one of the greatest swordsmen in the Empire.

Kingdom of Lombardy Joachim Reubens

Joachim Reubens

The Sinful Alchemist

An occultic scientist of Beowulf.

Using his knowledge of dracodynamics—the science of dragons—he has created many living weapons, including lesser dragons and even a "puppet" called Ette. He is a mad scientist who will sacrifice anything for his research.

He was the one who imprisoned Yuma, and performed all kinds of cruel experiments on him.

He is also a powerful mage, wielding the staff Psyclops.

Kingdom of Lombardy Ette le Sheila

Ette le Sheila

The Church's Killing Machine

A young boy who fights for Beowulf. He is one of Joachim's projects, fighting on his behalf with near-mechanical coldness and precision.

His left eye is replaced with a Magic Oculum: a magically infused eye that grants him supernatural abilities.

When he encounters Yuma, however, strange truths come to light...

He fights with the Divine Cannon, raining destruction on his opponents from long-range.

Kingdom of Astoria King Albert

King Albert

Sonia's father, and King of Astoria. A wise and benevolent monarch who cares greatly for his people. Sonia greatly respects him, and wishes to become a ruler like him one day.

He was once a Dragoneer himself, but due to an injury on the battlefield, he is now retired from combat. His Armonic—Temperion, the Dragon Scale Claw Sword—now rests in the castle vault.

Upon learning of Yuma's imprisonment, he sends Sonia to rescue him.

King Albert
Captain Burroughs

Captain Burroughs

Loyal captain of the knights of Astoria.

As King Albert's right-hand man, he is a veteran soldier who has fought the Empire for years. He is also Sonia's master in swordsmanship.

He urges Yuma to draw out the full power of the Shining Dragon, and is frustrated by the boy's reluctance.

Kingdom of Lombardy


Dracomachina are legendary artificial dragons, reawakened from their slumber by the Empire.

The Three Spears

The Dracomachina that swore loyalty to Princess Excella. They serve under her direct command. They are highly intelligent, able to communicate with humans, and possessed of a knightly sense of honor. Beyond simply helping her in combat, they even advise Excella on personal and military matters alike.

Crimson Spear Dragon

A Dracomachina shrouded in flames. Excella often calls upon him for aggressive tactics and assault missions. While fierce and violent, he has a courageous heart.

Ice Dragon

An icy Dracomachina covered in crystal armor. His first priority is to protect Excella. Of the three, he is the most intellectual, and he has a calm and regal personality.

Thunder Dragon

A Dracomachina that generates electricity from his body. He is quiet and laconic, but honorable and dependable. He possesses incredible speed despite his large body, and has been known to accompany Beatrice on her missions.

Kingdom of Lombardy

The Twin Blades of the Empire

Among the Dracomachina that the Empire awakened, the two left in charge of defending the country are called the "Twin Blades of the Empire." They obey Princess Excella's command, and wield their legendary power in her name. They are said to symbolize the rule of her father, the Emperor.

Water Dragon and Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon Title

This Dracomachina emits an ominous dark aura. Those who witness him are often shaken by the experience—their hearts gripped with supernatural fear. The Empire views him as a symbol of terror.

Caliburn Title

A serpentine Dracomachina who soars across the skies. Any who witness his flight are often overcome with awe. The Empire views him as a symbol of power.

Kurobane Sword God Caliburn

A serpentine Dracomachina who soars across the skies. Any who witness his flight are often overcome with awe. The Empire views him as a symbol of power.

Dark Dragon Title

This Dracomachina emits an ominous dark aura. Those who witness him are often shaken by the experience—their hearts gripped with supernatural fear. The Empire views him as a symbol of terror.

Dark Dragon