Past, Present, Future - Leap through time to hunt dragons!


Tokyo: Present Day - Tokyo 2100. 80 years have passed since the True Dragon attacks of 2020 and 2021.

The Japanese government has lost its ability to lead. In its place, the International Self-Defense Force, or ISDF, has taken control of security measures. Reconstruction is still in process after the True Dragons ravaged the world, but people are starting to return to their pre-attack levels of comfort.

Mio (CV: Aki Toysaki): A girl with a kind heart that uses her extraordinary intelligence and analysis skills to take on the role of the protagonist’s navigator. She suffers from an incurable disease called Dragon Sickness that has spread across the world.
Nagamimi (CV: Yu Kobayashi): An unknown entity that looks like a plush toy. It is in charge of assisting the protagonist both at Nodens and elsewhere. Its outward appearance shows no hint of the sharp tongue it possesses.
Allie (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro): The CEO of Nodens Enterprise. She is a straightforward person that has a unique way of speaking and a friendly personality. No matter the age, gender, or position of her conversation partner, she always addresses them in the same way. She has a sharp, is skilled in decision-making, and was the first to see that the protagonist had what it takes to become a dragon hunter.
Julietta (CV: Keiji Fujiwara): The leader of the technological sector of Nodens Enterprise. He is a genius scientist, biologist, and entertainment specialist. He is responsible for the virtual reality game 7th Encount, a small-scale temporal transfer device called the Portal, analysis of the mysterious Dragon Chronicle, and even the everyday technology used by Nodens.
Yuma (CV: Yuichi Nakamura): An elite soldier that is part of the ISDF Special Tactical Force. A likeable young man that is polite and respectful to others. He has pride in his work, but tries not to boast.
Yoritomo (CV: Unsho Ishizuka): One of the commanding officers of ISDF. He is Yuma's direct superior and trusted mentor. It is said, 'There are no beasts in the Far East; there is only the one called Yoritomo'.
Chika (CV: Ai Kayano) / Rika (CV: Asami Seto): Twin sisters that work at the request section at Nodens. Chika is in charge of Quests and Construction, while Rika is in charge of the Shop. Chika often speaks ill of the immense workload Nodens has placed on her, while Rika feels joy in any kind of work, even overtime.
Professor Nagumo: A former ISDF scientist who also happens to be Mio’s grandfather. He is currently a local doctor, but is also continuing his research into the incurable Dragon Sickness caused by the dragon miasma that has spread all over Tokyo.
Commander Akutsu: The commander in charge of supervising the ISDF Far East Division. He believes that ISDF should supervise and rule over all of humankind. To him, taking measures against the Dragon Calamity is only the first step towards reaching that goal.
Blaster Raven (CV: Akira Ishida): A mysterious hero that sometimes appears in Nodens. It seems he is searching for something...

The Past – Atlantis | A world that exists 12,000 years ago.

An advanced sea kingdom civilization located in the Atlantic Ocean that uses a special mineral called Star Crystal as a power source. The citizens are made up of a special species called Lucier.

Ulania (CV: Saori Hayami): The queen of the Sea Kingdom of Atlantis. After her father, the former king, died during a battle with the dragon, she inherited the throne and in doing so became the last ruler of the perishing Atlantis. Due to the great influence her father had on her while she was young, many of her ideas and words echo his ideas.
Eigur (CV: Yuki Kaji): The leader of a private militia that is made up of lower-class citizens of the Sea Kingdom of Atlantis. He has thrown himself into a hopeless battle against dragons and beasts to protect Atlantis.
Tallieri: The high councilor of the Sea Kingdom of Atlantis. He has supported Atlantis for a long time as the right-hand man of the great former king, Utrello. He is very competent as a councilor, and is a large reason the country is still in existence even after the death of the king. The citizens of Atlantis trust Tallieri deeply.

The Future – Eden | A world 7,000 years into the future.

The lifestyle and scientific technology of this era seems to have taken a step back from the present day. In the past, they were attacked by a True Dragon but were able to drive it back.

Sailas (CV: Tomokazu Sugita): A genius astrologer from the Scholar City of Preloma in Eden, a future world that exists about 7,200 years after UE 77. He is a scholar by nature, and is commonly known as the Brains of Eden. His thirst for research is insatiable, often leading him to even forget to eatand sleep.
Brijilt (CV: Marina Inoue): Born in the Federated States of Mylos, this woman is the head of the knights that have vowed to fight against the dragon invasion. She is a brave, strong-minded woman, but also has an honest and caring personality.
Nagiri: A solider from the oldest nation of Eden, the Aizhen Empire. Orphaned at a young age, she was an apprentice under Emel and loves her like a mother. She is an old friend of Brijilt.


Aytel (CV: Yui Horie) / Emel (CV: Yukari Tamura): Sisters from the planet Hypnos that was destroyed by a True Dragon in a far-off galaxy. Upon the destruction of their planet, they took the form of spiritual entities and followed the dragons to Earth. Once they arrived, they passed on their wisdom to humankind and aided them in their own battle against the dragons.
????: A mysterious being whose objective and identity are a complete mystery. It seems to be observing the protagonist...

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