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Help Shape Our Games

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At SEGA of America, your opinions matter to us. Through surveys, focus groups, playtests and more, we value your feedback and want to provide you with a direct outlet to help make our products the best they can be.

Join us and we'll contact you with surveys or other invites for research. In exchange for your feedback, we offer rewards like free games, gear and, more.


Who can signup?

If you are interested in video games, we want to hear from you! If you’re under the age of 18, we require consent from a parent or legal guardian.

How do I sign up?

Take our survey! In it, we will ask for your name and email address.

Can I forward this to my friends?

Yes! Please feel free to pass along the sign-up survey to friends or family. We welcome all gamers.

How will I be contacted?

Our invites are delivered via email to the email address you provide us.

What if I want to opt out?

In our email invites, we always provide you the option to opt out of our community. If you change your mind, you can take the survey again to sign back up!

What’s in it for me?

Respondents to our in-person or virtual discussions will always be compensated with rewards. The reward value will differ based on the specific research. Responses to our surveys will enter you a chance to win rewards that are distributed at the end of each month.

Where does the research take place?

Our research usually takes place virtually via online surveys or video calls. Sometimes we hold in-person events for local gamers in the Irvine, CA area.

When do I provide my feedback?

Either in a survey that we send to you or at your scheduled time. We do our best to be flexible to accommodate your schedule!

How will my information be used?

Your personal information is never shared outside our organization. We gather this information only so we can communicate with you about upcoming research opportunities. Please review our privacy policy for more information. Privacy Policy

Can I share information about my participation with others?

When you participate in research with us, you will have reviewed and signed a Nondisclosure Agreement. SEGA holds strict policies of confidentiality, and we ask that you do not share details with others about the research you participate in.

How can I update my information?

Simply take the survey again to update your information!