The Legend
Tower Hut

Long, long ago, there existed a holy island called Alfheim, said to be the domain of a divine force known as Deus.

There, the high elves lived in harmony with dragons, using mystic Rune Songs to communicate with them. But the peace did not last. Deus sought to destroy the world, in order to build a new one.

The high elves split into two factions: those allied with the dragons, and the followers of Deus. The shadow of war fell across the world, and chaos engulfed the land. After centuries of carnage, the dragons finally sealed Deus away. But the price paid was high; most of the dragons had been lost to the war. The bloodshed had turned Alfheim into a barren wasteland. The remaining elves left their home to seek a new life on the mainland.

This war of dragons and divinity came to be known as Ragnarok. Centuries passed, and vegetation began covering Alfheim once again. Humans soon came to settle in its newly fertile fields. It is these immigrants who founded the kingdom of Astoria, and its dominion grew to span all of Alfheim.

And now, old legends will rise to live again...

Dragoneers and Armonics

Armonics are weapon-instruments, created by the legendary Shining Dragon, made to channel the power of dragons and nature.

Dragoneers are chosen warriors who wield the Armonics. Through playing them, they can harness the power of nature.

With the return of dragons, their power may be needed once more...

A Young Man and a Dragon


It has been one thousand years since the great war of Ragnarok. Dragons are thought long extinct—their crystalized souls spread across the land.

Ten years ago, the Empire of Lombardia declared war on the Kingdom of Astoria. The Empire invaded Alfheim, but Astoria has managed to hold its ground.

The Empire of Lombardia, scheming to obtain the lost power of ancient dragons, assigned a special mission to the Church's elite knight squad: Beowulf.

Their sights were set on capturing Yuma Ilvern—a boy with a dragon's soul entwined with his own... the Shining Dragon himself, the most powerful of all dragons.

Imprisoned, tortured, and lost in despair, Yuma was trapped in darkness and in chains... until a gallant girl burst into his cell, determined to break him out.

He could never have imagined the battles that lay in store...

What is Shining Resonance?
The Shining Series Reborn!

The wait is over: the Shining series is returning to the West! Beautiful 3D models feature the designs of renowned artist Tony Taka, bringing the characters to life. Bond with your party, and shape their choices on the battlefield. Bring justice to the Empire, and save Alfheim!

An Action-Packed RPG

The new action-oriented RPG battle system will keep you in the fight. The B.A.N.D. system combines beautiful music and fierce battle. And if the fight heats up, transform into a dragon to turn the tides!

A Debut and a Remaster, All in One!

While this is the first Shining game reaching the West in over 10 years, Shining Resonance was originally a PlayStation®3 title. Shining Resonance Refrain takes the original and brings it to the next level, featuring beautifully vivid graphics in 1080p, and a smorgasbord of extra content—all the original PlayStation®3 version's DLC, now included as a part of the base game!

Refrain Mode

Transcending fate itself, two souls appear in front of a young man.

Excella and Jinas Excella and Jinas
Excella Yuma and Jinas talking Jinas

An alternate story where you can play with characters not available in the default mode, Excella and Jinas.

Excella Jinas

Not only can you fight alongside Excella and Jinas from the beginning, but you can also enjoy all-new events and dates with them!

Yuma seems unfazed by their impossible presence... What secrets do they hold?

Jinas and Exccella in a party out adventuring

Yuma seems unfazed by their impossible presence... What secrets do they hold?

Jinas and Exccella in a party fighting

Enjoy an alternate story with Excella and Jinas in your party!

*It is recommended you play Original mode before playing Refrain mode.

Dual Audio

Shining Resonance Refrain's voices are avaiable in both English and Japanese. Switch in the middle of playing and enjoy both languages!

Sonia with an audio button saying Hello arrow pointing from settings to English Screenshot Settings menu for audio arrow pointing from settings to Japanese Screenshot Sonia with an audio button saying こんにちは