Power Drift

A racing game from Yu Suzuki, the father of Sega's early "physical experience" games, which includes such other gems as Out Run and After Burner II!

Take control of a monster machine and race through three-dimensional courses. Along with Galaxy Force II, this game made use of the revolutionary Y-Board technology.

With over 25 courses and a catchy soundtrack, it's no wonder this title ranked number 1 in user feedback in what games they'd like to see added to the SEGA 3D Classics series. We are pleased to offer this port with a new widescreen view option as well as a presentation that mimics an old arcade cabinet, including its movements and sound effects.

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Press the X Button to begin. To progress onward, you need to finish the race in the top three after four laps. Accelerate with the Y Button, brake with the B Button, and press L or R to shift gears.

If you finish in fourth place or below, you will have the option to try again. Try to place first in all five courses, and a special race will become available.

In addition, players now have new gear shifting options not present in the original arcade release!


New Features for Handheld Game System Bliss


Players can save at any time and load their progress later on, use the Replay function to save a recording of their gameplay, or challenge a friend using Local Play (both players need a copy of the game).




This game supports the Circle Pad, the +Control Pad, and the Touch Screen.

Game Settings

Game Settings


Players can select between five difficulty levels, including "Very Easy", not available in the original version.

Input Settings

Input Settings

Control Type

Players can select between original TYPE 1, which includes auto-handling to make it easier to stay in the center of the course, or the new TYPE 2, which has this assist function turned off.

Button Layout

Players can freely reassign button inputs for acceleration, brake, and gear shifting to the A, B, Y, L, and R Buttons.


Gear Type

Players can select between "Switch" mode, in which gear shifts are controlled via two different buttons, "Toggle" mode, in which a single button shifts gears, "Hold" mode, in which it only shifts down while holding the gear shift button, or "Auto", in which all gear shifts are handled by the CPU.

Screen Settings

Screen Settings

Screen Size

Players can select between four screen resolutions: the original 4:3 resolution, widescreen that fits the 3DS screen, a fullscreen option that stretches to fit the screen, and a retro screen that reproduces the look of an arcade cabinet.

In addition, the arcade view has a separate option where arcade cabinet is in 3D, but the game screen is in 2D.

  • Normal (4:3)
    Normal (4:3)
  • Wide
  • Full
  • Arcade


Arcade Cabinet

In this presentation mode, the game screen will tilt up/down/left/right, according to the player's movements.


When selecting this mode, players can select between two backdrops.

Sound Settings

Sound Settings

Volume Settings

Players can adjust the BGM, ambient noise, and sound effect levels.

Enviromental SFX

When turned ON, players will hear noises that reproduce the motor and machine sounds of the actual arcade cabinet.


Players can select to add additional effects to the audio.

BGM Selection

Players can listen to music from a game of their choice.


Hidden Arcade Backdrop

Hidden Arcade Backdrop

When selecting between backdrops for the arcade cabinet screen view, players can hold the A Button on Type 2, and a secret Type 3 backdrop will appear, featuring a sunset on a tropical island.