Thunder Blade

The seventh of Sega's "physical experience" games. Pilot a daring attack helicopter through intense 3D stereoscopic combat scenes!

This version includes options to emulate a retro arcade cabinet, gyro-based controls, and a whole new and challenging game mode, with a new level and a new final boss!

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Basic Controls

Basic Controls

Take control of the attack helicopter, Thunder Blade, to face waves of enemies and bosses.

Way ahead of its time, the game alternates between both a top-down view and a behind-the-vehicle view, looking forward.

Press up or down to adjust speed and left or right to move sideways. The L and R Buttons control your speed. The Y Button fires your cannon, and the B Button fires missiles.

You will have two continues when you run out of lives, and you can also choose to begin the game at a stage you have previously cleared.


New Features


Players can save at any time and load their progress later on.

Players can also use the Replay function to save a recording of their gameplay. (Replays can be viewed in fast-forward.)




This game supports the Circle Pad, the +Control Pad, the Touch Screen, and the Circle Pad Pro.

Game Settings



Players can select between five difficulty levels. In the easiest difficulty, no damage will be caused from hitting obstacles such as buildings or cliffs.


Players can select up to six lives to start with. (Default: three lives.)

Flight Training

Players can select to enable 30 seconds of invincibility at the start of play. (Default: ON.)

Input Settings

Input Settings

Circle Pad Pro

Players can adjust Circle Pad Pro settings here.

Control Types

Players can select between two different control schemes for top-view mode.

Control Settings

Players can assign the Circle Pad and Touch Screen to either throttle or movement.

Button Settings

Players can select the button layout and set the cannon to HOLD.

Gyro sensor

Gyro Sensor

Players can select to control the helicopter by moving the 3DS itself. There are two options available: Tile and Spin.

Screen Settings

Screen Settings

Screen Size

Players can select between four screen resolutions: the original 4:3 resolution, widescreen that fits the 3DS screen, a fullscreen option that stretches to fit the screen, and a retro screen that reproduces the look of an arcade cabinet.

In addition, the arcade view has a separate option where arcade cabinet is in 3D, but the game screen is in 2D.

  • Normal (4:3)
    Normal (4:3)
  • Wide(16:9)
  • Full
  • Arcade
  • Arcade2D
    Arcade 2D


Arcade Background

Players can change the arcade cabinet background art. Type 1 recreates the arcade console, while Type 2 shows a cityscape.

Sound Settings

Sound Settings

Volume Settings

Players can adjust the BGM, ambient noise, and sound effect levels.

Enviromental SFX

When turned ON, players will hear noises that reproduce the motor and machine sounds of the actual arcade cabinet.



Players can select to add additional effects to the audio.

Extra BGM

Players can select to hear the complete version of the BGM, with a different arrangement from the original.

BGM Test

Players can freely listen to any of the in-game music tracks.

Special Info

Special Mode

Special Mode

Once players clear the game in Arcade Mode, a Special Mode will become available.

Special Mode
This mode features drastic alterations to game balance, system, and visual effects. In addition, players will have access to even stronger weapons!

Helicopter Upgrades

Helicopter Upgrades

In this mode, the helicopter's mobility will be improved, and the missile attack will move along the ground, allowing players to fire missiles at distant enemies.

New Stage & Boss

New Stage & Boss

This mode features a new final stage and a brand new final challenge to overcome.

Game Rebalanced

Game Rebalanced

There are several major changes in this mode, including new enemy spawning points and brand new obstacles, such as buildings inside of caves and new bridges.

New Enemy

New Enemy

A new type of enemy will be added, not previously seen in Arcade Mode.

New Visuals


In the new mode, enemy specs will be displayed when encountering a stage boss.

Special Mode Arcade Cabinet

The movement of the screen will be very different from the regular mode. In addition, the player can experience unique ambient noises in this mode.

More on Special Mode...

In Special Mode, players gain extra lives based on the number of enemies killed, at the end of a mission.

If you lose all your lives, you will be able to continue as normal, but there is no stage selection option in Special mode.